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Our Orchard

FRESH GREEN BITE is having many trees in its orchard which includes Plums, Apples and Pears.

We have Approx 2900 Trees of Pink Lady Apples, Granny Smith Apples with 460 Trees, Trellis Planted 16’ x 5’ Spacing. We also have 1270 Trees of Granny Smith Apples with Free Standing and have 18’ x 12’ Spacing. Our Rosy Glow Apple Trees are 1020 Nos and have free standing and 17’ x 13’ Spacing. Our Perfect Pink Apples are having trellis planted 1350 Trees with 16’ x 5’ Spacing. Our Candy Beaut Plums have 2100 Trees (approx.) and Candy Gem Plums with 300 Trees (approx.) We are into growing Pears where Packhams have 1700 Trees (approx.), Josephines have 1600 Trees (approx.) and B.Bosc have 800 Trees (approx.) and all are having Free Standing with 18’ x 12’ Spacing.

Know us more

Our company, Fresh Green Bite specializes in the sale of quality fruits. FGB Company is serving to save our fruit tree legacy. Over 10,000 Fruit trees in stock which consist Apples, Pears and Plums. FGB is on a charge to bring back traditional diversity of apple, plums and pears, many of which are now rare.

Just like our ancestors made it, we would like to make all the things very simple, crystal clear and exactly like our nature deserves. As natural fruits we will grow, it will make the environment healthy and clean which is out main importance to grow any fruit. We are in the procedure of developing our own core variety of recognized fruits in order to offer our patrons the chance to purchase fruits that are not only appetizingly healthy & natural, but also that have been quite & morally produced.

We’re Fresh Green Bite is on a mission to fetch back conventional varieties of Apples, Plums and Pears which are now in danger of extinction. We launched ‘Fresh Green Bite’ to make delicious, uncommon and unusual Apples, plums and Pears available to the society and to help the protection of our nationwide fruit tradition. “It has the fervor, skill, capital and infrastructure necessary to offer new apple and pear varieties the best chance to grow Fresh Green Bite is directly concerned in all facets of invention and post-harvest, including exporting and marketing.”

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